[Tellico-users] Tellico: Repeatable crashes when trying to edit an entry

Johannes Kajava Johannes.Kajava at welho.com
Sat Mar 20 08:12:18 UTC 2010

Tellico 2.1.1
KDE 4.3.5 "release 0"
openSuse 11.2
Kubuntu 10/2009
compiler: gcc
Severity: Grave

this concerns both the recent and the previous version of Tellico. Linux 
distributions used have been Kubuntu (earlier) and now openSuse. Tellico was 
compiled from source on Kubuntu and on openSuse it was installed from rpm 

The repeatable crashes occurs every time when trying to edit an entry by going 
to the personal or front cover or comment section and clicking any of the 
fields on that section.

I hope this problem can be solved, so this fine movie collection can obtain 
it's earlier highly trustworthy position. Unfortunately, now it's everyday use 
is almost impossible.


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