[Tellico-users] Please inform new users that isbndb needs an access key.

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Fri Jul 23 03:37:54 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 20 July 2010, Simon Eugster wrote:
> The point is, when a new user starts tellico, he will see the welcome
> screen. There it says «click here to add a book using online
> resources» or similar. When you click there, isbndb is already in the
> list of data sources. So you select it, enter an ISBN, and it does NOT
> work. I'd say for >50% this is the KO criteria for tellico.

Tellico includes a default ISBNdb key. However, if the access limit for the 
key is reached for the day, then no further results are returned. 
Unfortunately, isbndb does not provide an error message to that effect, so 
there's no way to differentiate between an invalid key and a key that has 
reached the access limit.

Recently, I added a warning message about the access limit possibility, I 
didn't check if that's if Tellico 2.2 or not. It's been a while...

I can add a check about having an empty key, as you suggested.


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