[Tellico-users] Adressbook

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Jan 25 01:37:22 UTC 2010

On Friday 22 January 2010, Martin Schimmels wrote:
> when trying to make a loan using tellico 1.3.5 (KDE 3.5.10 "release 21.9"
> openSuSE) everything looks fine, in the loaners view all entries from
>  standard adressbook are shown
> when trying to make a loan using tellico 2.0 (KDE 4.3.4 "release 2") in
>  the loaners view no entries at all from standard adressbook are shown.
> What is happening? How can I solve the problem?

I think I remember when I ported to KDE 4 that the kaddressbook integration 
didn't work since some of the kdepim module hadn't settled down, API wise. I 
need to go back and check to see if I can get it working now. 


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