[Tellico-users] File Chooser dialog

Benjamin Trigona-Harany bosth at alumni.sfu.ca
Sun Jan 3 08:10:29 UTC 2010

I am having a small problem opening files in Tellico. The file picker dialog 
does not displace *.tc files using the default filter. Only when the filter is 
set to "All Files" or "*.*" can I see a directory's Tellico collections.

I have the same problem why trying to import a file of any type. "All Files" 
must be selected before anything actually appears and can be opened.

I am currently using 2.2.1 on KDE 4.3.4 under Slackware, but the problem 
existed in previous releases of Tellico and KDE. It was compiled locally using 
the script at <http://slackbuilds.org>.

Best, Ben

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