[Tellico-users] sorting and viewing entries

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Fri Aug 13 16:16:59 UTC 2010

On Thursday 12 August 2010, xPol wrote:
> xPol wrote:
> > My suggestion for possible improvement: make that command available as
> > a default setting, as a shortcut and by an icon in the toolbar.
> Adding: that would allow to execute the command even when date is not
> displayed in the upper pane

The tricky part there is that the sorting menu is dynamic. In other words, 
the contents of the menu depend on what fields you have in the collection. :) 
So should I have a toolbar icon and menu item for every single field for 

> By the way, i would like not to display dates in the entry view. Is that
> possible?

Not without editing one of the templates. All of the ones that come with 
Tellico show all the fields by default.


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