[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.3 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Aug 8 19:11:49 UTC 2010

Tellico 2.3 is available at http://tellico-project.org/download/  This is
the longest list of new features and bug fixes that I've had in a while.
Using KDE's bugzilla has really been helping track issues. Thanks to
everyone who has been helping and reporting bugs.

    * Added
data sources for OpenLibrary and Freebase. Both require the QJson
    * Added new fetcher for combining results from multiple
    * Added filter for collection type to data source list
Added clear button for rating widget (Bug: 227982)
    * Changed Amazon
Japan video search to include DVDs
    * Added Dewey Decimal and LoC
Classification to z3950 MODS import.
    * Changed entry ID values to
start with 1 instead of 0

Bug Fixes
    * Fixed sorting by rating when
rating has double digits (Bug: 246202)
    * Fixed IMDb matching on
partial titles (Bug: 245665)
    * Fixed IMDb fetching of audio track and
color (Bug: 244159)
    * Fixed metadata import for file listing
Updated BoardGameGeek fetcher for new API
    * Updated Allocine fetcher
for new website format (Bug: 235901)
    * Fixed crashing bug for loading
images whose size exceeded the cache size
    * Control characters are now
stripped from all text files on import (Bug: 231302)
    * Fixed selection
bug when duplicating an entry (Bug: 231125)
    * Fixed crash in exporting
HTML for collections with no grouping field (Bug: 231302)
    * Fixed bug
that showed info dialog multiple times when changing image location
Fixed crash in CSV importer
    * Fixed copy/paste for the entry view
(Bug: 224580)
    * Fixed paragraph fields to show HTML code in the editor


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