[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.0pre2 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Sep 7 22:52:26 UTC 2009

On Sunday 06 September 2009, Alex Lancaster wrote:
> 1. I recently got my CueCat barcode scanner (which was gathering dust
>    in a closet) working for scanning for the ISBN.  It's a
>    non-"defanged" one, meaning that it needs the parsing code to get
>    the ISBN number.  This works well when using the entry box and
>    searching against Amazon or LOC.  But when I attempt to use the
>    CueCat in the "multiple ISBN" dialog tellico doesn't apparently
>    decode the the CueCat output into an ISBN, it actually causes the
>    multiple entry dialog to either disappear or fill with garbage.


> 2. When I choose a title in the list and right-click to update from a
>    source, say, Amazon, the information in the lower pane doesn't
>    update immediately, you have to mouse off the entry and back to it
>    to see the updates. 


> I also managed to generate a couple of crashes, the first was when
> adding a particular entry (just posted the crash in a separate e-mail
> report)

A couple of people have reported that one, should be fixed at this point.

> , the second occurred when I attmpted to select a number of
> books and change a value across multiple entries.  I think I narrowed
> this down to a single problematic entry, which crashed whenever I try
> to edit it which I'll try to send the crash in a separate e-mail.

If you could send info on that problem entry, I'd appreciate it.

>  I can select a grouping variable, "Author", "Title" etc. and it
>    will be remembered between application restarts for all fields
>    except for "<People>".  If I select that, then on restart it
>    defaults back to "Author".


> 2. If I create a "Filter" or "Loans" and select the overall filter
>    (not just elements in the filter), then in the lower right pane it
>    shows only the icons for the books in that filter, but the list of
>    entries in the top-right pane remains the full list.  I would
>    expect that the list would also be filtered to that subset.  Either
>    way, it seems inconsisent for the two right panes to be showing
>    different subsets of data.  Basically it seems the list of entries
>    shown in the top-right pane never changes no matter what is
>    selected, which clashes with the way most cataloguing applications
>    from rhythmbox to iTunes do it, which is to filter the list view
>    based on the the browsed or searched entities.

Well, I've never used iTunes or Rhythmbox, so I don't typically use them for 
comparison. My design thinking on that was that the lower right view always 
shows the selection, with details if one entry is selected or icons if 
multiple are selected. Selecting a loan or filter just means select all 
entries below. Filtering, on the other hand, affects what is shown in the 
column view and can be turned on by right-clicking on a Filter item on the 
left sidebar or by actual creating a filter in the toolbar edit box or 
filter dialog.

> >> 2. The "Purchase Date" field appears to be free-form text, it doesn't
> >> attempt to validate the date in any way, is there anyway to enable
> >> this, does it need to be implemented?
> >
> > There's no validation, but you can change it to a full Date field
> > rather than a free text field.
> I looked for that as a "Type" under the "Collection Fields" dialog.
> Under the "Type" drop-down list is: "Simple Text", "Paragraph",
> "Number", "URL" and "Table", but no "Date" option.  Is there some
> other way of setting the field type?

Whoops, sorry, should have tried that myself first. I limited the types of 
field that could be adjusted, for value validation purposes. So really, you 
can either delete the field and recreate it to get it as a full date field, 
or edit  the XML in the file directly. :)


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