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Andrew Bennett drewbenn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 04:54:22 UTC 2009

> > I have a simple question for you, please.  I'm using Tellico 1.3.5
> > (using KDE 3.5.10) under Gnome on a Ubuntu 9.04 installation.  When I
> > display the titles the articles "The" and "Le" are not sorted apart from
> > the main title of the book and this makes finding a book extremely
> > difficult and tedious.
> I'm not sure why you have to use that workaround. From your description,
> the
> sorting should work as you expect. I don't remember there being a bug about
> that.
> The title field has to have "Format as a Title" turned on, for the sorting
> to work that way, so check that. And then the "Auto format titles and
> names"
> option in the settings has to be on, but you mentioned that one already.

I think I have the same problem (though with 'the', 'a', and 'an').  I'm
also using Tellico 1.3.5 (KDE 3.5.10) in Gnome on Ubuntu 9.04.  I only see
this with *one* of my collection files, though; it was only my DVD
collection, which I don't open too often, so this issue didn't really bother
me and I never spent a lot of time investigating it.  My books collection
file, with many more entries, works as expected.

I just verified that the title field is set to "Format as a title" and "Auto
format titles and names" is selected.

Would you like me to attach a copy of my DVD collection file?  I trimmed it
down to just 3 entries and still saw the sorting issue.

Maybe it's worth noting: the issue shows itself by not formatting the title
properly, so for example "A Life Less Ordinary" is displayed as "A Life Less
Ordinary".  After the workaround (make and apply a change to the list of
articles), the title is displayed as "Life Less Ordinary, A".


Andrew Bennett
drewbenn at gmail.com
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