[Tellico-users] Using Tellico in KDE 3.5.10

David Elliston dme at air.net.au
Tue Oct 13 07:00:46 UTC 2009

On Tue, 13 Oct 2009, Doruk Fisek wrote:
> Hi,
> > > Noting that KDE3.5 is still regarded as the recommended version by
> > > kde.org, it's a pity that that version is being ignored in favour
> ...
> I missed the beginning of the thread but KDE 3.5 isn't the recommended
> version by kde.org.
> It isn't currently even supported, KDE hasn't been accepting any kind of
> (even critical/security) bug reports for KDE 3.5 for a very long time.
>                    Doruk

KDE 3.5 is shown at kde.org as the version recommended for conservative users. 
If that is not so you should remove/modify the remark.
Furthermore, Ubuntu has packaged Version 1.3.5 (KDE 3.5.10) of Tellico within 
Ubuntu 9.04 (or at least I have downloaded that within Ubuntu (can't remember 
I don't like KDE 4x at all, and am trying to maintain KDE 3.5.10 for as long 
as I can. KDE 4x will not support the PCMCIA wireless card on my laptop.
Your signals on the KDE website are confusing at least. I don't see why I need 
to upgrade to KDE 4x just to get access to Tellico 2.0. 
Why is it that I continue to get upgrades to KDE 3.5.10 if you are not 
supporting it?

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