[Tellico-users] filters not updated automatically

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 08:37:34 UTC 2009

On 09/10/11 09:44 +0200, Jerome Quelin wrote:
> another glitch that i found in tellico 2
> - create a named filter, eg all books that have a given checkbox set to
>   true
> - see the filter appear in the list of filters on the right, with the
>   number of books matching this filter
> - click on the filter to see the list of books matching
> - double click on a book, and uncheck the checkbox (to make it not
>   filtered any more)
> - see the numbers of books in the right columns stay the same
> - right click on the filter and select update the filter
> - don't change anything in the filter, but click appy
> - see the number of book filtered change for real this time

right column should be read as left column, of course :-|
jquelin at gmail.com

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