[Tellico-users] Amazon search times out on large data sets

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Nov 22 00:55:12 UTC 2009

On Saturday 21 November 2009, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> If you search for multiple ISBNs (e.g. 28 at a time) the Amazon search
> is unreliable. Usually, 2-6 results will come back as "not found," even
> though subsequent searches will return the correct results. However, the
> fact that there's no way to resubmit just the failed searches--or to
> even identify which obnes have failed in the edit box--means having to
> carve up the list into no more than 4-5 ISBNs at a time for submission.

It should show a window with the isbn values listed that were not found, so 
you can copy them and paste for a new search. I'll check if something is 
keeping that from working.


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