[Tellico-users] Question about the use id from amazon in Tellico

Robin Hill robin at robinhill.me.uk
Wed Nov 11 16:49:04 UTC 2009

On Wed Nov 11, 2009 at 04:36:00PM +0000, paula simoes wrote:

> Hello,
> Do you know if the use of the id and secret key from Amazon Web Services
> is free to use in Tellico?
> Or the user have to pay for this kind of service?

It's free, but you have to agree to their ToS.  These are very much
aimed at software developers (and mostly at web-based systems), so I
didn't feel I could agree to them.  Others are quite happy with saying
yes, then ignoring them though - it's up to you.  There's certainly no
charging in place at the moment though (and I've not heard of any plans
for it).

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