[Tellico-users] Webcam barcode scanning

Michael Rauter rauter at imbusche.de
Mon Nov 2 19:22:02 UTC 2009

Am Freitag, den 30.10.2009, 07:08 +0100 schrieb Sebastian Held:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag 29 Oktober 2009 23:38:45 schrieb Michael Rauter:
> > Is it possible to change the device name in tellico?
> Yes, certainly: modify the code and recompile ;)
> There is neither a gui or config file option, but see the file 
> src/barcode/barcode_v4l.cpp
got it configured and compiled, now I get the following error on start:

open("/dev/webcam", O_RDONLY)           = 21
tellico(14233) barcodeRecognition::barcode_v4l::grab_init: v4l: Unable
to find a supported capture format.


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