[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.1 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Nov 2 14:47:22 UTC 2009

Tellico 2.1 is available for download at

Changes since version 2.0 include:
    * Fixed crashing bug with HTML export.
    * Fixed bug with auto-formatting for titles and names in the list view.
    * Fixed bug with saving and reloading view settings.
    * Fixed crashing bug when filtering entry with empty title.
    * Fixed compilation with KDE 4.1.
    * Fixed grouping to show empty groups.
    * Fixed filter updating after editing an entry.
    * Fixed bug with using multiple values in table columns.
    * Added PAM/PRISM translator for SRU fetcher.
    * Added data source for searching Wine.com.
    * Changed Amazon and Crossref data sources to store passwords locally 
instead of in the KWallet.
    * Updated GCstar importing for video games and board games.
    * Added feature for exporting to GCstar format.
    * Updated ISBNdb and Discogs data sources to allow user access keys.

Thanks for everyone's feedback and bug reports. Please continue to direct 
comments and issues to this mailing list...


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