[Tellico-users] Music data base, some (25%) UPC not recognized

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Nov 1 00:10:43 UTC 2009

On Thursday 22 October 2009, Axel Gerber wrote:
> What I wanted to say, with upcscan I found Taj Mahal on amazon.de but now
> cannot find it there when I use tellico. You can see in my initial mail
> it has a amazan.de link
> Sorry I forgot the number.... 10058213925 (Taj Mahal)

For whatever reason, Amazon thinks the UPC is 1005821392 (without the last 
digit). Searching amazon.de with that value gives a successful result.

However, from my reading, a UPC value in the US should probably 12 digits. 
An EAN value in Europe should be 13 digits. None of the formats I looked at 
have 11 digits, like the value you had. Can you verify your UPC value?

> I found one thing funny: it seams UPC (or EAN) with less than 12 digits
> cannot be found, since almost all of the attached ones fail to get
> listed, at least when I go via search-window with the UPC (which I did
> before I found I can export my sqlite3-database from upcscan to csv).
> Also after the big import I will have regularly a lot of UPC's ;-)))


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