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I have my MP3 collection in CDs. Although I'm using Linux for more than 1
year, I'm still using a Windows program for managing the collection. I would
like to migrate to Tellico but I've found and small roadblock. I have each
of my CDs with a label MP3CDXXX (in which XXX is a counter increasing from
001). Inside each CD, I have folders with each album. I've created a Music
Collection with Tellico, then I import the content of the CD using the
option Import Metadata from sound file. This import the albums OK. But I
would like to have also a field for the CD, so I've created a new field name
CDLabel, and I put manually the label of the CD. The next thing I would like
to have is the collection grouped like that

CDLABEL - " Artist & Album Title"

I've created a field with a derived value with the join of Artist and Title,
but I haven't seen a way to show that field after CDLABEL. If I choose to
group by CDLABEL, Inside each CDLABEL Tellico shows "Title". Is there any
way to change this?

An example

MP3CD001, with folders "Beatles - Revolver" and "Rolling Stones - Beggars

I would like to see

 - Beathers - Revolver
 - Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet

But I always see

 - Revolver
 - Beggars Banquet

Best Regards
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