[Tellico-users] Build error when compiling tellico 2.1.1

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 18:59:22 UTC 2009

Is this the fault of my QT4 4.6.0?

I won't post the full error results when running make, at least not yet, but here is the first error encountered.

[myusername at localhost build]$ make                                             
[  0%] Built target tellico_automoc                                           
[  0%] Built target core_automoc                                              
[  0%] Building CXX object src/core/CMakeFiles/core.dir/dbusinterface.o       
In file included from /usr/lib/qt4/include/QtCore/qvariant.h:47,                                                
                 from /usr/lib/qt4/include/QtCore/QVariant:1,                                                   
                 from /usr/include/kurl.h:27,                                                                   
                 from /home/myusername/Desktop/new/tellico/src/core/dbusinterface.h:30,                          
                 from /home/myusername/Desktop/new/tellico/src/core/dbusinterface.cpp:25:                        
/usr/lib/qt4/include/QtCore/qlist.h:50:20: error: iterator: No such file or directory                           
/usr/lib/qt4/include/QtCore/qlist.h:51:16: error: list: No such file or directory                               
/usr/lib/qt4/include/QtCore/qlist.h:54:15: error: new: No such file or directory

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