[Tellico-users] What about "error" messages from the app ?

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sat Aug 22 02:30:32 UTC 2009

On Friday 21 August 2009, Matthew Soffen (tellico) wrote:
> tellico(9283) <unnamed>::mimeIcon: *** no icon for
> application/x-research-info-systems
> tellico(9283) <unnamed>::mimeIcon: *** no icon for
> application/x-crossover-amc

Those harmless, just some debugging I have for noting when it can't find an 
icon for the menus. Those icons are typically installed by other programs, 
so it's not surprising that you don't have them.

> tellico(9283): Attempt to use QAction "edit_undo" with KXMLGUIFactory!
> tellico(9283): Attempt to use QAction "edit_redo" with KXMLGUIFactory!

That one irks me a bit. KDE wants a KAction instead of a QAction even though 
they have api that return a QAction. Nothing I can do about it really.

> tellico(9283) Tellico::Data::Image::Image:
> "/usr0/tellico_data/books_files/a71a82c7c37149a1c659f8cf28fac055.gif"
> loaded as PNG image

I think that comes from a weird bug back in the 1.3.x series that would save 
a GIF as a PNG if qt wasn't compiled with GIF support. I added a workaround 
for loading, and it's just noting the issue.

All of those are basically just warnings. Nothing's broken. They should go 
away if you don't compile with debugging turned on.


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