[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.0pre1 released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Aug 3 03:35:38 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

So, (big deep breath), I'm finally to a point where I'm reasonably sure that 
there are no serious issues with the current Tellico development. I'm making 
v2.0pre1 available from

First and foremost, please please please, back up your current data files 
and images before trying this out. Among other things, the code that manages 
all the image handling was rewritten, so it's possible there are new bugs in 
there that could cause issues.

Second, there is an amazing amount of infrastructures changes in this 
release, so I need help figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Finally, here are all my caveats. :)

* Tellico has been ported to Qt4 and KDE4. Right now, I'm building with KDE 
4.2 and Qt 4.4, and those are the earliest releases that I've tested with. I 
don't know if Tellico will work with KDE <= 4.1 or Qt <= 4.4. 

* Tellico now uses cmake for configuration. Rather than running configure, 
you need to run cmake and you must specify the src directory location. If 
you're building from within the top-level source, you run cmake . (where the 
period means the src is the current directory).

* There's no string freeze yet, I still may tweak a few things.

* The document syntax version has been bumped to 11, so if you save a file 
with this version of Tellico, older versions of Tellico will not open it. 
The main reason for the bump is that there are no longer Dependent fields. 
They became fields with derived values, which allow them to be any type of 
field, to make the sorting work.

* The code for image handling and document loading was significantly 
reworked. Since those are about the most critical parts of Tellico, I have a 
bit of nervousness. I've been running and working with that code for a 
while, though, and I don't know of any issues right now. Please backup your 

* A while ago, I thought I might try to move Tellico to use a DB backend, 
such as MySQL or Postgresql, but I did not. This release is all about moving 
to KDE4.

* Integration with the desktop address book and calendar for loans
doesn't work.

* Webcam support doesn't work, I don't think.

* Support for sending citations to OpenOffice.org was removed.

* Searching Amazon now requires a secret key from amazon.com, and the QCA2 
library. The place to sign up for the account is https://affiliate-
program.amazon.com/gp/flex/advertising/api/sign-in.html If anyone could send 
me the corresponding webpage for the other amazon sites, I'd appreciate it.

Please be nice. :) This has been a lot of work, so if something is broken 
that I didn't mention, please let me know, but remember this is a small 
hobby for me. I do have a number of other, higher priority, things in my 
life. :)

Comments are always welcome. 


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