TagLib 2.0.1

Urs Fleisch urs.fleisch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 19:32:52 GMT 2024

Hi all!

It has been two months since TagLib 2.0 was released. The dust
should have settled now, so I hope that we can follow up with a
first bugfix release at the beginning of the next month. It will
contain the changes which can be found in the master branch.
A proposed change log entry could be

TagLib 2.0.1 (Apr 9, 2024)

 * Fix aborting when _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS are enabled.
 * Fall back to utf8cpp header detection in the case that its CMake
   configuration is removed.
 * Improve compatibility with the SWIG interface compiler.
 * Build system fixes for testing without bindings, Emscripten and Illumos.
 * Windows: Fix opening long paths.

If I missed an important bug fix or something else which could make
lives of TagLib users and distributors easier, please let us know!

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