can't read DSDIFF/DSF files anymore

Scott Wheeler scott at
Mon Aug 23 13:41:39 BST 2021

> On 23. Aug 2021, at 06:51, Urs Fleisch <urs.fleisch at> wrote:
> @Scott: Can you tell us what exactly were the problems which led to
> this removal?

Here was my comment on the pull request at the time:

"Unfortunately, this changeset is pretty far away from being ready for master. I'm at more than 400 lines of changes now just trying to get it to implement the rest of the standard File API, and I haven't even started on cleaning up style issues. Tests for basic stuff like writing to the newly introduced tag type fail and so forth. Once I've got things in a pushable state, I'll push into a separate branch and remove these classes from master so that they don't block a new release. If they're in a better state by the next release, then they can go be merged back."


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