Rerouting debug/warning messages from taglib?

maporter at maporter at
Wed Feb 26 08:11:52 GMT 2020

Hello, apologies if this is something that can already be done, however I have written a program that scans a large directory of music. Some of the files are kinda broken and TagLib spits out a bunch of messages such as

> TagLib: ID3v2.4 no longer supports the frame type RVA.  It will be discarded from the tag.
> TagLib: FLAC::File::scan() -- FLAC stream not found

I pored over my own code and made sure that I wasn't already spitting out these errors myself somewhere, although it's entirely possible I missed something.

I am using a separate logging library (spdlog) and I would like to be able to reroute these messages to my regular logs, and add info to them such as the file being read. Is this supported? I checked the docs and looked through the bug tracker and didn't find anything.
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