TagLib 1.12 beta 1

Scott Wheeler scott at taglib.org
Thu Sep 12 07:33:55 BST 2019

Hi folks --

It's been about 3 years since the last release, and there are some critical bugs out in the wild that are fixed in the current master.  Kageyu, who's handled the last few releases, hasn't been active in the project recently, so I've tried to step back in to prepare a new release.

I've been reviewing patches and bug reports for the last two weeks and tried to get things merged in that seemed appropriate.

I've already reviewed the API changes since 1.11.1, which are minimal.  The primary things are patches I've myself written this week:

- Switch to using enums rather than boolean / int params for saving ID3v2 tags:


- Introduce a deprecated API annotation and use it where appropriate:


I'll do a more comprehensive review of the code changes when generating a changelog for the release annoucement.

Here's the Github-generated zip of the source at the beta-1 tag:


I would appreciate it if everyone who's tracking this list and still actively using TagLib could give the package a try.  My goal is to either release 1.12 or 1.12-beta-2 in approximately 10 days, depending on what, if any, changes come after the first beta.



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