Constructing an ID3v2::Frame without a file

Fred Gleason fredg at
Thu Aug 8 21:29:26 BST 2019

Greetings TagLibbers!

I have a use case where I need to parse an incoming data stream for ID3
v2.3 tags. There are no files in this scenario, the source data is
purely in memory (a sequence of QByteArrays, to be exact). However, all
of the public constructors in TagLib appear to expect some sort of file
to operate on, so I've been at a bit of a loss on how to proceed.

One approach that I've tried is to subclass ID3v2::Frame and implement
my own constructor, but I've found that doing so involves one in
managing a bunch of internal state within TagLib that does not seem to
be well documented. Before investing a lot of time into this approach,
I thought I'd inquire here: is there an idiomatic way in TagLib already
to do this sort of thing? Online searches have turned up very little.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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