Adding a TXXX frame to an ID3v2 tag [SOLVED]

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Wed Nov 14 19:05:19 GMT 2018

On Nov 14, 2018, at 13:44, Scott Wheeler <scott at> wrote:

> The problem is that the result of file->tag() *isn't* an ID3v2::Tag, so casting it to that fails.  (It's a special class that's a union of the available tag types for that file.)  To get the ID3v2 tag, you have to use the ID3v2Tag() method:

Ah, a union. I somehow had the idea that the relationship was a virtual inheritance.

So, the corrected code block now reads:

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TagLib::MPEG::File *file=new TabLib::MPEG::File(“my_file.mp3”,false);
TagLib::ID3v2::Tag *tag=file->ID3v2Tag();

TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame *frame=new TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame(TagLib::String::UTF8);
frame->setText(“some structured text”);
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Thank you.


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