Adding a TXXX frame to an ID3v2 tag

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Wed Nov 14 18:35:07 GMT 2018

Greetings Tag Masters!

I am in process of writing some code that adds a custom user text frame to an ID3v2 tag. The approach I’m taking looks like:

*** snip snip ***
TagLib::MPEG::File *file=new TabLib::MPEG::File(“my_file.mp3”,false);
TagLib::ID3v2::Tag *tag=(TagLib::ID3v2::Tag *)file->tag();

TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame *frame=new TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame(TagLib::String::UTF8);
frame->setText(“some structured text”);
*** snip snip ***

This blows up with a SIGSEGV at the addFrame() invocation. I suspect that my problem may be with the simplistic cast from TagLib::Tag * to TabLib::ID3v2::Tag *, but I’ve not been able to find any other way to get access to the TagLib::ID3v2::addFrame() method. I’ve also experimented with using the PropertyMap mechanism —e.g. inserting a key of “TXXX:foo” —, but this seems to be ignored by TagLib::PropertyMap::insert().

Perusal of the API docs as well as Google searches have brought up a fair amount of information about *reading* TXXX frames (mostly through use of the PropertyMap interface), but precious little about how to *write* such using TagLib. What’s the correct way of going about this? Any help greatly appreciated!


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