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I am new to Tagscan. I dowloaded the library files (version 1.11.1) and, not being a user of CMake, I tried to compile them directly by adding to a Qt console project, whose "main" function just called a simple test function like

void test()


    TagLib::FileRef f("../test/Albeniz.mp3");
    TagLib::String title = f.tag()->title();
    wstring tit=title.toWString();



and it worked!! (with a '#define TAGLIB_STATIC').

   Than, I tried to create a static Taglib library: I created a new Qt "static library" project, added the .cpp and .h files to it as above, and built the library, generating a 'taglib.a' file. In another Qt console project I just call the same test() function and tried to link it to my static library using a statement 'LIBS += taglib.a' in the .pro file. It finds the library file, but does not link to any function, I get a long list of errors of the form

-1: error: undefined reference to `_imp___ZN6TagLib8FileNameC1EPKc'

etc. For some reason, the functions seem not available on the library. I suspect my library exports not to be correctly configured, but don't know what to do.

     Suggestions are welcome.


              chaos = jc

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