Adding a meta data "lyricist"

karsjac karsjac at
Wed Sep 7 10:59:02 UTC 2016

Hi there!

I am an enthusiast of Tango music. For us, who love Tango, the music is 
important, but not less important are the lyrics. Therefore we set a 
hight value to the composer as well as to the poet, the lyricist.
For editing the IDv3tags of my music I am using Puddeltag. There it is 
possible to add any meta data I like. So I added a field "lyricist". 
Sadly Clementine (V 1.2), the mp3 player I am using, is not able to show 
this meta data "lyricist".

As far as I know clementine uses TagLib. Could you tell me, if there is 
any way I can make TagLib accept and Clementine showing this meta data?

Thank you very much!
Best regards!
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