WAV INFO List chunk question.

Michael Tomaras M.Tomaras at audionetwork.com
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I am trying to use TagLib to tag some wav files with the INFO List chunk and it works properly by adding the chunk at the end of the file (since the file has no metadata to start with). My issue is that in windows explorer and windows media player (and some other apps that I care about) the metadata doesn't show. By using some other tool (MetadataTouch), I can see your embedded metadata and after saving with that one the tags show properly on Explorer and WMP (TagLib can also read them). The difference I noticed is that the INFO List chunk is at the start of the file and not the end.
I was playing around with your dll and also looked into your source, but I can't seem to find a way to add a chunk at the start of the file. Is there such a way? If not is there an upcoming feature that will support it? At the very least, could you give me some more insight into your codebase so that I can implement it and fork your github project to share my solution with you?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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