Compiling TagLib 1.11

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Thu Aug 25 21:17:46 UTC 2016

Just tested current Master branch with MinGW 5.3 (Qt5.7), no problems, no C++11.Please build the examples and test with them.

I have also put a pull request in to address the missing BUILD_SHARED_LIBS option ...
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 I finally found the porblem. I had to enable C++ 11 and include zlib1.dll with my application. That solved the problem. However why the option to build shared library disappeared and is not default in CMake GUI is still not clear to me. Vladimir
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 Hi Vladimir
  I also tried long ago to compile the latest version of TagLib, and the crash occurred with me too. So I decided to use the previous version, and I managed to create the dll and the .a file with a lot of effort. Here you can find a ready to use version of LibTag 1:10:   I hope you helpful   Regards 
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 I have problems with current TagLib version. The first thing is that by 
 default (unlike version 1.10) it compiles on Windows the static .a 
 libraries not the .dll. And I could find a way how to change this from 
 The more serious problem is that if I compile it using MinGW/GCC 5.3 
 (from Qt 5.7 release), my application will crash right after start. Is 
 it a compatibility problem with GCC 5? Qt switched from GCC 4.9 in 5.6 
 to GCC 5.3 in Qt 5.7. The library compiled with GCC 4.9 crashes my app 
 when I try to use it and as I already mentioned it crashes the program 
 right after start if I recompile it using GCC 5.3.
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