Qt/TagLib special chatacter

Ossigeno ossigeno at email.it
Tue Aug 16 21:00:45 UTC 2016

Tried this



Qt Creator returns this error:

error: conversion from 'QByteArray' to 'TagLib::File*' is ambiguous
         QByteArray myTaggger = new TagLib::FileRef(tmp.toLocal8Bit());

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In my own application, I used : 


such as :     myTaggger = new

Hope, it helps.


Renaud G.


On 15/08/2016 01:53, Marco Atzori wrote:
I have a this filename: "?? Feels So Good (sonique Best Remix Extended
Version) Music Song Video ? love romantic "


 Usually, to extract the file information I use this code


    QString mediafile =

 This code works perfectly, only does not work when the file name contains
special characters as above. I tried


QTextCodec*codec =QTextCodec::codecForName("UTF-8");



with no results. Any solution?

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