Building TagLib with ARM compiler

davide_fiorese at davide_fiorese at
Wed May 20 17:14:39 UTC 2015

Hi All!

Any chance to build the project relying on ARM compiler (ARMCT_5.0x)?

I have tried to build it but I'm getting some accessibility errors like:

"C:\MY_PROJECTS\include\taglib\toolkit\tlist.tcc", line 68: Error:  #265-D: class template "TagLib::List<T>::ListPrivate [with T=TagLib::ByteVector]" (declared at line 245 of "C:\MY_PROJECTS\includ
e\taglib\toolkit\tlist.h") is inaccessible
  template <class TP> class List<T>::ListPrivate<TP *>  : public ListPrivateBase
detected during instantiation of class "TagLib::List<T> [with T=TagLib::ByteVector]" at line 41 of "C:\MY_PROJECTS\include\taglib\toolkit\tbytevectorlist.h"

Thanks for your support.

My Best Regards


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