PHP Extension for TagLib

dayvonjersen me at
Wed Dec 2 08:31:49 UTC 2015


I've made a PHP5 extension which wraps certain functionality of TagLib
 (v1.9.1). The project is hosted on GitHub:

It is my first C/C++ project and definitely is in need of additional
work on my part before it is resembling anything close to "production-
ready" or "finished".

However, it is feature-complete and fully documented at this point, so
I felt compelled to share. I would be honored if you would add it to
the list of projects on your project homepage :)

I am using it in another personal project of mine where previously I
had used the Perl and Ruby wrappers for TagLib, and in finding no such
equivalent for PHP, made my own. As such, it is heavily geared towards
my own use-case and may not qualify as a proper "wrapper" in the
traditional sense.

But for PHP, the only alternatives are
 - an outdated PECL extension with a lacking feature set
 - 2.1MB of PHP with unbelievably poor performance that's popular with
   wordpress users for some reason (
 - calling various command line utilities with shell_exec() and parsing
   their output, which has its limitations and just feels like a
   security vulnerability waiting to happen...

So this extension might be useful for someone other than myself.

Also, I want to say thank you for making TagLib. You have made a very
well-organized, well-structured project with a very robust and capable,
well-documented, consistent API. Despite it being frustrating at times
to make sense of the ID3v2 spec while teaching myself simultaneously
C++ and how to use the PHP5 extension API, TagLib itself has been
reliable and a joy to program with :D

~ dayvonjersen

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