Compiling with Visual Studio 2012 for use with Qt Creator ends in a crash

Swave SwaveRec at
Sun Mar 30 10:44:53 UTC 2014

At 10:17 29.03.2014, you wrote:
>i am trying to get taglib working for a couple of weeks but it still 
>doesn't work.
>So, build the project again -> no errors! everything seems good
>BUT, when I run the project, it crashes immediately! I couldn't even 
>see my window.

Do you run it from inside VS or on the command line
or explorer? Try it from the command line. If building
works but not running it could mean that it still can't
find any dependency (like .dll). You can als try to
use Dependecy Walker to see if all deps are fulfilled.
You can also debug the startup of the application in
VS (start with F10/F11).

bye   swave

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