TagLib Only Writing ID3v1 Tags

jaron pants at cs.hmc.edu
Thu Jan 9 10:30:06 UTC 2014


I have TagLib 1.9.1 installed.  I'm (essentially) using the following
code to tag a variety of music files.

> TagLib::FileRef f(path);
> f.tag()->setTitle("A Song");
> f.save();

For most formats this works great.  Unfortunately, TagLab is not writing
ID3v2 tags to any MPEG files.  In most cases I wouldn't care, but for
some files this means that my tags are truncated to 30 characters.
Ideally, I would like to guarantee that ID3v2 tags are written to MPEG
files while remaining in the relative safety of the FileRef class.

I used the utility id3v2 to check what tags had been written.


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