Bart van der Velden bart at
Wed Feb 19 17:18:05 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I started using TagLib recently for a hobby project. Soon I started 
looking into TagLib because I could not easily have it do what I wanted 
it to do. I am quite sure that this is because of my lack of understanding.

On Windows I'd like to be able to have debug and release builds next to 
each other, CMake offers the variable CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX for this 
purpose, e.g. to create tag.dll and tagd.dll. When searching through the 
TagLib CMakeLists.txt history log I noticed that CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX was 
once used and then removed.

Does anyone know why that is? If not, is anyone opposed to me adding 
this for MSVC builds?

Kind regards,
Bart van der Velden

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