Cannot edit year tag with YYYY-MM-DD format

shadowsandflames at shadowsandflames at
Fri Sep 6 05:12:27 UTC 2013

I have a problems with the file in attach [1]:

When I open it: do |mp3_file|
 puts mp3_file.id3v2_tag..frame_list('TDRC').first.field_list.first # ==>

It returns 1940 only. Which is strange since in Mp3tag I can see the whole
date: 1940-12-04.

Even worse, when I try to edit the date with taglib: do |mp3_file|
mp3_file.id3v2_tag..frame_list('TDRC').first.field_list[0] = "1940-12-04"

and then read it.

I have the same - 1940 - result.

Any idea what might be happening?


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