Can TagLib2.0 require C++11 or Boost?

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Mon Nov 18 13:19:51 UTC 2013

I understand the sentiment about not wanting to require boost as an external dependency but I think that requiring C++11 would not be a bad thing.  While this would introduce a new requirements for TagLib2, I don’t consider this an external dependency in the sense of additional software required to build the library.  Anyone compiling for a recent MacOS or iOS can use clang which has good support for C++11 and libc++.  I’m not very familiar with Windows but from a cursory examination it seems that MS Visual Studio has some C++11 support back to version 2010 and MingW with gcc 4.8 has it all.  Any modern linux distro would also support clang or gcc.  TagLib already requires a working version of the C++ standard library and I think it would be worth investigating whether replacing List, Map, RefCounter, etc. with their std:: counterparts would be worthwhile.  It’s possible that this would be a large change to the existing codebase without a corresponding payoff but for version 2.0 I think it’s at least worth considering.


On Monday, November 18, 2013 at 12:17 AM, Tsuda Kageyu wrote:

> Thank you for your replies.  
> I decided not to make changes that entails mandatory external  
> dependencies. It's certainly a bad thing as some of you says.
> Kageyu.
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