AIFF ID3V2.x Manipulation

Pope sybil.nerf at
Tue Mar 5 22:03:41 UTC 2013

New to listserv and hello!

This is a request for homogeneous functionality of the ID3v2::Frame
sub-classes across MPEG and AIFF file classes, including the ability
to save tags for specific ID3v2 versions.

I've taglib 1.8 and am using the Perl wrapper 1.63, patched to add the
ID3v2 version feature in TagLib::MPEG::File::save().  This I'm running
on Win7.  Much of my work is using this class with TagLib::ID3v2::Frame
class as I'm manipulating custom tags set by proprietary virtual DJ software
packages.  Some of these deal with 2.3 tags and can't deal with 2.4 tags
at all.  The new version feature in 1.8 is great to help get everyone on
the same page.

Looking through the APIs, I noticed an asymmetry in the API for
the TagLib::File::RIFF::AIFF class.  This class does not appear to
allow the use of TagLib::ID3v2::Frame and it's versatile sub-classes,
which not only prevent access to custom tags, but it also does not
support the forcing of ID3v2 version upon save, which would render
the tags unreadable for the software packages that do not support
2.4 tags.

Best Regards,

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