Support for METABLOCK_DATA_PICTURE in xiphcomments?

Martin Brodbeck martin at
Thu Dec 5 10:35:56 UTC 2013


I recently learned that the recommended way of adding cover art to ogg files 
(vorbis comments) is to use METABLOCK_DATA_PICTURE instead of the unofficial 
COVERART field, just likeit is done in FLAC files (see [1]).

By the way, if you encode an opus file from flac (with a flac picture) using 
opusenc (from opus-tools >= 0.1.7), it uses METABLOCK_DATA_PICTURE.

AFAIK, taglib supports FLAC pictures very well. Since the recommended 
xiphcomment way is exactly the same as in FLAC, it would be nice to have the 
same support here, I think.

Are there any plans to add this? 



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