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Thanks for help. I started work on ChapterFrame and TableOfContentsFrame classes, but I’m not sure about how should I handle embedded frames. According to, CHAP and CTOC frames optionally contain embedded frames (like TIT2 or TIT3), which describe content of chapter or provide additional material such as URLs and images. How should I handle these embedded frames correctly according to taglib style? Should ChapterFrame class contain members that are instances of embedded frames corresponding classes (like TextIndetificationFrame), or should ChapterFrame class contain strings? Or should I simply ignore these optional embedded frames?

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Lukas Krejci

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Hi Lukas,

This seems to be just two additional ID3 frames, so that shouldn't be
too hard to implement.

The main implementation of the two frames should go to do the
taglib/mpeg/id3v2/frames/ directory. There should be also some tests
in tests/test_id3v2.cpp for parsing and rendering of the frame data.

When you have the frame reading code implemented, you just need to add
them to mpeg/id3v2/id3v2framefactory.cpp and I think that should be

The best way to submit the patch is a pull request at GitHub (so you
fork the repository at GitHub, create a new branch locally, work on
that branch, push the branch to your fork, submit a pull request
against the master branch).


On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Lukáš Krejčí <krejclu6 at> wrote:
> Also, because I'm new to taglib, I would appreciate any help. And by the
> way, how can I submit patch, when I'll finish it? Thanks for answers.
> Best regards,
> Lukas Krejci
> Od: Lukáš Krejčí
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> Komu: taglib-devel at
> Hi, I'd like to contribute on taglib by adding support for chapter frames
> ( Is it possible?
> Best regards,
> Lukas Krejci
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