MP4 atoms incorrectly showing as non-null empty strings (e.g., "aART" and "\251wrt" atoms)

Duke Yin yindesu at
Wed Apr 3 18:37:20 UTC 2013

As I previously stated, the file (and the other dozens) is read as expected
in the 3 primary programs I use:  iTunes, Mp3tag, and foobar2000.  I assume
you do not use iTunes to check yourself?

I previously thought I confirmed in my hex editor (HxD) that atom names
only show up once, but I now see that the search function doesn't handle
line breaks correctly.  I now see the empty wrt atoms that are split
between lines.

I have hotfixed the issue on my end by checking if the items list already
contains the atom - if so, I don't insert into the items list/map.  There
are some other empty atoms at the end of the tag area but it seems correct
behavior that they should not be read (judging from iTunes, mp3tag,
foobar2000.)  If we can agree on this and no one gets to it before me, I
will pull request my hotfix to prevent duplicate atoms from overriding the
first atom.
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