id3v2.2.0 comment support

Kyle gonemad at
Sun Oct 21 17:53:58 UTC 2012

According to the spec, the comment field's id is 'COM'


   This frame replaces the old 30-character comment field in ID3v1. It
   consists of a frame head followed by encoding, language and content
   descriptors and is ended with the actual comment as a text string.
   Newline characters are allowed in the comment text string. There may
   be more than one comment frame in each tag, but only one with the same
   language and content descriptor.

     Comment                   "COM"
     Frame size                $xx xx xx
     Text encoding             $xx
     Language                  $xx xx xx
     Short content description <textstring> $00 (00)
     The actual text           <textstring>

This was changed in id3v2.3.0 to COMM.

Looking through the taglib code i see no references to 'COM'.  Am I missing
something or does taglib not support v2.2 comments?

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