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jon bird news at onastick.clara.co.uk
Sat Oct 13 16:08:23 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have a query regarding text translation on a file I've been

This is a Windows build of taglib 1.8. The title of the track in
question is:

Livin’ On The Edge

The issue seems to be on the translation of the accent character "’".
In the ISO character set I believe this is 0xB4.

The text is stored in the tag in unicode, with the accent character
encoded as:


My main project is primarily in 'C', so I read the title as follows:

TagLib::Tag *Tag


  if ( !Tag->title().isNull() )
    strncpy ( AudioRecord->Title, Tag->title().toCString(), STR_LEN-1 )

As I understand it, the default text encoding is ISO-8859-1. I don't
change this so I would expect this character to be converted to 0xb4 in
the return string. However it isn't, what I end up with is 0x19 - in
effect the lower byte of the original UTF-16 string.



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