Taglib git/github usage

Festus Hagen festushagenlists at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 19:25:59 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Hoping y'all might take a look at my taglib git/github steps and point out the errors of my ways!
Apparently I'm doing something wrong, things get all wacked and out of sync.

The following is my procedure:

** Online

** Start up

* Logon to github and fork a repo.

* Remember the name or better yet write it down as well as:

    Your repo ssh link (git at github.com:FestusHagen/taglib.git)

    The canonical repo https link (https://github.com/taglib/taglib.git)

** Local

** Clone and add canonical repo (upstream)

> git clone git at github.com:FestusHagen/taglib.git

> git remote add upstream https://github.com/taglib/taglib.git

** Usage

** Update Local Master (from the Canonical repo (upstream))

> git checkout master

> git pull upstream master

** Update Public master

> git checkout master

> git push


  > git push origin master

** Branches needing rebasing from master

> git checkout BranchNeedingRebasing

> git rebase master

** Prepare for Pull Request

> git checkout -b yourfeature

** Create and Commit your changes

> git push origin yourfeature

** Logon to Github

** Web Browse to upstream and do a Pull Request against /yourfeature

** After the Pull Request has been merged.

> git push origin :yourfeature

> git branch -D yourfeature

Goto 'Update Local Master'

Thanks y'all for doing what ya do!

fh : )_~

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