Forcing v2.3 tags for Win XP compatibility...

Neil Hodge neil.hodge at
Sat Nov 17 02:09:26 UTC 2012


On 11/15/12 7:10 PM, Jeremy Gregorio wrote:
> I wanted to start up a new thread on this because I just can't seem to
> figure it out. Do I need to set the option at the frame level or can I
> instantiate an 'ID3V2.3' object? For reference, I'm trying to keep
> compatibility with Win XP (Still running it for games...).
>    Thanks yet again!

They seem to have some stuff implemented in TagLib::ID3v2::Header, 

* uint majorVersion
* void setMajorVersion

Although, regarding setMajorVersion, they say "This is used by the 
internal parser; this will not change the version which is written and 
in general should not be called by API users."

I think if you want as much control as you are asking for, you need to 
implement it yourself.  Check out the function "testDowngradeTo23" in 

Good luck . . .


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