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Tue Nov 13 04:25:07 UTC 2012

Hi all,
    I'm using the Poco C++ library to make what I hope are UTF 8 and/or 16
strings. I'm doing this because I want to be able to pass unicode
characters on a Windows command line and in an English copy of Win XP and
well, that just ain't happening :P. I thought I might get clever and base
64 encode the string before passing it, then decode it. This more or less
works in Linux, but not so well in Windows, where the OS' (admittedly
crummy) unicode support seems to be hamstringing me.

    I took the demo tagwriter app, and added this:

    std::string decoded;
    std::wstring decoded16;

    Poco::URI::decode ( argv[i + 1] , decoded ) ;

    Poco::UnicodeConverter::toUTF16(decoded, decoded16);

    TagLib::String value ( decoded16 );

   TagLib::List<TagLib::FileRef>::Iterator it;
      for(it = fileList.begin(); it != fileList.end(); ++it) {

  Then I build and run this under Linux and copy the mp3 I tagged to
Windows. I pass it some Japanese encoded as base 64 which Poco seems to
decode OK. The tag is there, I can even read it in Tag Scanner in Windows,
but just plain Windows XP won't pick up on the tag in the file properties.

   Anyway does anyone have any tips/advise/horror stories on getting tags
working in Win XP's tagging. I've done it once before calling directly to
tag lib, but I would like to rely on the command line.

  Thanks all!

Jeremy D Gregorio
Sr Consultant
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fax: 520-747-2540

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