TagLib usage by a buffer not a file

Thomas CANIPEL (4SH France) thomas.canipel at 4sh.fr
Wed May 23 14:17:47 UTC 2012

Dear Lukas,



Thanks for ByteVectorStream, it actually works fine using this implementation of IOStream.


It was actually very close to what I have done for implementation, and I figured out that the method seek was not exact.. so the position was slightly different .. leading to the non-creation of frames. ( but enough to get parts of the ID3V1 tag.









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On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Thomas CANIPEL (4SH France) <thomas.canipel at 4sh.fr> wrote:

Dear Nikhil,


I made a simple class extending from IOStream and then I am using it to initialize an MPEG::FILE, in my case I correctly get the ID3v1 field, but for a reason no ID3V2 frames seems to be created.


As I am correctly reading from my IOStream I am guessing that ID3v2::FrameFactory is not yet able the create the framelist correctly from the IOStream.


Is it planned to support it ?


It should work. FileStream is also just an implementation of IOStream and it works there. Assuming you already have the full file loaded in memory, can you try using ByteVectorStream to make sure it's not a bug in your code?




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