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patrick machielse patrick at
Fri Mar 30 11:51:16 UTC 2012


We use TagLib in a Mac OS application. Recently our App Store submission was refused because of 'modifying a user file'. Yes.

Details are fuzzy, but we now believe that the rejection may be a result of TagLib opening audio files in tfile.cpp like this:

file = fopen(name, "rb+");

Is there a higher level way to specify in TagLib that that we only want to open the file in readonly mode?

We noticed this pull-requests on git-hub but there seems to be no resolution:

I think it would be able to use 'brute force' and copy the files to a temp directory before reading the file tag. I think Apple still allows that (knock on wood), but it is so in-elegant...

Thanks for any insights,

Patrick Machielse
Hieper Software
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