Strange behaviour of APE::Tag::addValue

Алексей Новичков qtloverr at
Fri Mar 9 06:27:16 UTC 2012

I've found that using APE::Tag::addValue with replace=false leads to
corrupting of tag keys: in written ape or mp3 file all keys are empty,
while their values are written normally.
I've used this code:

        TagLib::APE::File *f=new TagLib::APE::File(FILE_NAME(fileName));
        if (f) {
            TagLib::APE::Tag *tag=f->APETag(true);
            if (tag) tag->addValue("ARTIST","artist",false);
        delete f;

Please test this case because I don't know whether it is my mistake or some
bug in TagLib. Right now I have no free time to do it myself.
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